Hello and hurrah; this is David Tibet. My good friends, the wonderful and talented and inspirational Sputnik1985, have honoured me by using a series of my recent paintings for a collection on their lovely label. I am utterly OverMoon with this, and have seen the prototypes of what will be a magnificent series of t-shirts and hoodies and sweaters and socks and flags and picnics and comets and stars and sunsets and sunrises. They also asked me to put together a playlist of some of my favourite songs. I have picked over 3 hours of music that moved me and shaped me and my worlds and my works when I was growing up, and Current 93 was starting to form and mouth and teeth in my head and heart. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, and see your face in them, maskless and free. Thank you for listening, thank you for reading, and I and C93 hope to see you again in Russia very soon. And thank you again to Evgenia and Oleg and Sergei (AlphaBetically) and all at Sputnik1985—it is a dream come true and groovy. David Tibet, Hastings, 7 II 2019

Photographer – Olesya Asanova (@olesya_asanova)
Stylist – Ksenya Grebennikova (@kxeniia)
Makeup – Alexandra Kotenkova (@kotenkovasasha_)
Producers – Dasha Utochka (@dasha_utochka) and Evgenia Samodelova (@samodelova)
Models – Artem, Fedya, Sonya by @areola_models

Collection Items
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